28. Jul, 2020

Understand, what can be changed ...

Picture by Simon Banks, see more at  https://www.simonbanks.com.au/graphic-facilitation-gallery/ for example ...

In the mindset of selective awareness I just arrived at a paragraph about Skills, Knowledge and Talents in the book I am reading just now - First Break All The Rules - see a Slideshare for more details,  https://www.slideshare.net/alexgrech/first-break-all-the-rules-1481256. Page 9 covers all three areas and gives a short explanation.

In the book you can read on page 82 ff:

  • "Skills are the how-to's of a of a role. They are capabilities that can be transferred from one person to another."
  • "Your Knowledge is simply - what you are aware of. Factual knowledge = things you know; experiential knowledge = understandings you have picked up along the way."
  • Talents are different phenomena altogether. Talents are the fourlane highways in your mind, those that carve your recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior."

I never thought writing could be my talent, as it was one of the most hated subjects in school. All the time I was more the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) kind of guy, so I decided to study constructional engineering in the end. After a short period of time really doing work in this area, I did change into service and support, then project management and finally became an IT manager for nearly 20 years. The technology part did decrease over time and the human aspects became the driving factor for me. In the meantime I do a lot of coaching and mentoring with people and help them during change. As sharing is caring, the writing part makes me very happy since July 2016 and seems to be successful as well, when I look at the growing number of readers over time. A late discovered talent, but better late then never 😉.

My two weeks holiday will start tomorrow, no detailed plans yet. Just in case you have some spare time:

"Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them." -- John Whitmore https://www.performanceconsultants.com/sir-john-whitmore