31. Jul, 2020

The greatest risk, is to take no risk at all ...

Picture by https://veeroesquotes.com/einstein-persistence-quote/ 

Had a great day today. A nice bicycle ride in the morning, then a small lunch at the local golf course restaurant. Great to park two bicycles between all the large cars on the parking lot 😉. Back home I could celebrate another new weekly reader record, as the status email is arriving any Friday afternoon. The new record is 6,380 unbelievable and, what a great achievement. Thanks a lot to you for being part of this experience.

In the afternoon I had two sessions with Jurgen Appelo for the qualification program. First the weekly Active Player Meetup and then a webinar about Building an Innovation Funnel: adaptive portfolio management. The webinar covered topics like Conway's Law and Dr. Robert G. Cooper's innovation management.

"Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure." -- Conway's law,    http://melconway.com/Home/Conways_Law.html

Some more interesting material for the weekend, especially the NIKE spot is worth checking. A really great piece of work from yesterday:

Have a great weekend and thanks again for being my reader 🙂👍.