8. Aug, 2020

Back from Digital Detox ...

Picture by INCIDENTAL COMICS: The Hierarchy of Humor (from 2016) at  http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2020/08/the-hierarchy-of-humor-from-2016.html 

Two great days in a forrest area on a hill, so the general heat that we currently have in my area, between 35 - 38 degrees celsius, was not that critical. Along the river Rhine are a lot of nice holiday destinations and due to the COVID-19 situation much more Germans are making use of it. Stay at home to have a new holiday experience. Sometimes a special situation is helping to appreciate something on your doorstep.

Coming home I just realized that my BLOG did beat another two records in the last 7 days. We had 7,538 readers last week only and the new 5 weeks average of weekly readers is 5,718 now. Really great numbers and my mother will ask me again on Sunday - "Who are all these readers and where are they coming from?" - to be honest, I have no idea 😉, but I am really happy about everyone!!

As my last posts covered mainly Leadership content, a somewhat related topic is Cognitive BiasesA cognitive bias is a systematic error in thinking that occurs when people are processing and interpreting information in the world around them and affects the decisions and judgments that they make.https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-a-cognitive-bias-2794963. Visual Capitalist did summarize - 50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World - on an Infographic, https://www.visualcapitalist.com/50-cognitive-biases-in-the-modern-world/. Check it out, you will be surprised.

Some more stuff:

"Leadership is not a rank or a position to be attained. Leadership is a service to be given." -- Simon Sinekhttps://simonsinek.com/product/leaders-eat-last/