16. Aug, 2020

The week 33-2020 highlights ...

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Only 3,610 readers left to reach the next milestone at #366,666 overall readers. Some weeks ago I had a nice Indian dinner with the last price winner, it is really worthwhile to participate in the competition 👍. Given the last average reader numbers per week, it should take not more than 3 - 4 days to get there, looking forward to it 😉.

Only a 3 day work week after coming back from 2 weeks holiday, but a lot happened last week. In the morning of the 1st day we did pitch the results of the Design Thinking process to better establish the #SPIRIT initiative and necessary mindset change in the IT community. Was very well accepted by the IT senior management team and we did get full support to proceed with the proposed ideas. During the Design Thinking process you sometimes ask yourself, where is this going, but when you see the final result, it was definitely worth it -->    https://www.dummies.com/careers/business-skills/the-basics-of-the-design-thinking-process/ 

In the afternoon I had a kind of self-awareness assessment with a very detailed feedback session. Great to get a positive response from a very experienced group of people who did see me in the same way how I see myself. Good to be authentic and other people appreciate it. Here one of several ways to give valuable feedback - Feedback Wraphttps://management30.com/practice/feedback-wraps/ 

On Friday during lunch time we had a discussion about the failure culture of our company in small discussion groups, a meeting series that is happening every two weeks. Always good to be assigned to new "discussion tables", even in a virtual environment in the moment. Will be interesting to see, which topic will be selected the next time. Failure Culture — the Key Ingredient for Innovation Leadershiphttps://medium.com/cdtm/failure-culture-the-key-ingredient-for-innovation-leadership-37735a48057a 

Have a great next week, weather is going to be a little bit colder in my area, good news for being in the homeoffice without air condition:

And finally to avoid sitting in another meeting, somebody is using an abbreviation and you have no idea about it 😉:

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