18. Aug, 2020

Adaptive Change ...

Picture by Oxford Leadership at  https://www.oxfordleadership.com/emerging-worldviews/, also check the PDF article included.

"You can’t build an agile organization without agile people. But individuals only change when they want to.

Facilitating change in individuals who aren't open to it, can be incredibly cumbersome. Why? Because change always happens from the inside out. If you want to transform your organization, transform your people. It starts with them." -- Oxford Leadership ...

Starting tomorrow I will be away for a 2 day offsite workshop that will possibly cover the topic mentioned above 😉. Transform your people first, to get the organization transformed in a 2nd step. Will be interesting to see, how the workshop will be facilitated. As preparation work I did summarize all the #SPIRIT and Mindset initiatives that I am currently participating in. Surprising to see that you can come to similar results by using three very different approaches with various kinds of target audiences.

When the time is right people come up with the same areas for improvement. I assume the workshop will bring out similar results?

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -- Alexander Den Heijer, https://www.alexanderdenheijer.com/about

Some supporting links for topics I covered in the last days: