20. Aug, 2020

Having a good time ...

Picture provided by http://prozenics.com/, with a quote from  https://doriskearnsgoodwin.com/about-doris/ 

Just 1,612 readers to go until the next big milestone at #366,666. Get ready for the competition quickly 😉. 

I did come back from the workshop today. As I cannot share any details, just a high level summary that covers the key topics. The general setup is perfectly described by the quote from Doris today.  Especially the discussion on equal terms was very much appreciated by the participants from 4 different levels in the organization.

We agreed that the change is a cultural change and not just an organizational one. Some of the key values are respect, helping each other, honesty, transparency, coaching and constructive feedback. For the feedback part describing the context is necessary, as already mentioned in my post about the Feedback Wraphttps://management30.com/practice/feedback-wraps/. Also works for other guidelines, see two examples at How to give constructive feedback to your manager and coworkershttps://www.impraise.com/blog/how-to-give-constructive-feedback-to-your-manager-and-coworkers and How to Give Constructive Feedback to Motivate and Improve Your Teamhttps://getlighthouse.com/blog/give-constructive-feedback-motivate-improve/

All goes well with another Simon Sinek quote -- "Leadership is not a journey to rise in the ranks. Leaderhsip is a journey to help those around us rise.",    https://simonsinek.com/transform-your-culture 

As I used an Oxford Leadership article before the workshop, here another one that is also including a very detailed article for free, see Leadership 4.0: A review of the thinking,    https://www.oxfordleadership.com/leadership-4-0-review-thinking-report-2/