23. Aug, 2020

My week 34-2020 summary ...

"More than half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. Smart companies make certain their managers know how to balance being professional with being human. These are the bosses who celebrate an employee's success, empathize with those going through hard times, and challenge people, even when it hurts." -- Travis Bradberry   https://www.linkedin.com/in/travisbradberry/ 

Less than 24 hours after my comment from yesterday we passed another incredible milestone for my BLOG, #366,666 overall readers, at 05.30 PM German time. You once again made my day and I am having an even more happy weekend. Thanks a lot for that and your ongoing support 😉👍. The next target is now 400k readers, an impressive number ...

If you are interested in any specific topic or would like to have a copy of the already available eBooks, much easier to search in a PDF file for an article or URL I shared, just let me know via rethinkandfocus@gmail.com. Looking forward to your requests.

Enough celebration now, let's get back to work. The 2 day workshop was the highlight of the past week and next week we will be starting a new Sprint. Sprint review on Monday and Sprint planning on Tuesday. Besides that we have to prepare the merger of our with a larger project. The official kick-off and first common planning session is scheduled for mid-October. Some weeks to go, but still a lot of work left. The merger is an appreciation of the good team work so far and an opportunity to show our capabilities and mindset on a larger scale. 

"People like to know you're listening, and something as simple as a clarification question shows not only that you are listening but that you also care about what they're saying. You'll be surprised how much respect and appreciation you gain just by asking good questions." -- Travis Bradberry, https://youtu.be/auXNnTmhHsk 

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." -- Chinese Proverbhttps://blog.ecosia.org/tag/where-does-ecosia-plant-trees/