26. Aug, 2020

Inspiring individuals ...

Quote by Arthur F. Carmazzihttps://carmazzi.net/arthur-carmazzi-motivational-keynote-leadership-speaker-trainer/ 

Always searching for interesting and inspiring material to share. Today I was looking for a way to measure the cultural change in a company. Luckily I did remember an article that we did look at during my advanced training in 2017. Even better it was at the beginning of my notes and not the last page that it would normally be according to Murphy's law 🙂.

Organizational Culture Inventory®  https://www.humansynergistics.com/change-solutions/change-solutions-for-organizations/assessments-for-organizations/organization-culture-inventory 

By chance I have found another website today that is really providing interesting material as sketchnote videos on Youtube. The Art of Improvement channel at  https://www.youtube.com/c/TheArtofImprovement/videos. There is even a pretty new video that fits well to the topic today. How to Win Friends and Inspire People    https://youtu.be/2EpumMdn0iY

Be inspired:

"None of us is an expert in leadership. The practice of leadership is a journey, and we are all students." -- Simon Sinek, https://simonsinek.com/transform-your-culture/