6. Sep, 2020

My week 36-2020 summary

I had the weekly phone call with my mother today and we once again did cover the number of weekly readers topic 🙂. She is very much interested, where all these readers are coming from and I told her I will be thinking about a solution. Easier said than done, because there is not an easy solution available, especially when you do not really know, what you are searching for. The keyword is membership maps for example. 

In order to protect your privacy and to avoid sharing any too detailed information, the following proposal that is absolutely voluntary

Over the weekend I did some Exercises for my Shiftup: Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualification https://shiftup.work/qualification/, a lot of interesting stuff. If you want to have a look or give it a try, it has free access at  https://airtable.com/shr0jLLaOgJiEWi86/tblIH6yVTMHcAnQaW. Looking forward to the official 1st graduation meeting coming Friday.

Enjoy the next week, I will definitely do it 🤪:

P.S.: Would be great, if you are joining the membership mapping approach, as described above. Thanks a lot in advance.