10. Sep, 2020

Being self-confident ...

Picture provided by https://www.linkedin.com/company/european-leadership/ 

Trust yourself and others will follow. Be open for new stuff and influences, never give up learning 😉👍.

"Success is when reality catches up to our imagination." -- Simon Sinek (Notes to Inspire from yesterday),  https://simonsinek.com/notes-to-inspire/ 

Since yesterday there was no new volunteer to share city and country, to improve my global membership/BLOG-reader map, if you are willing and interested to support check out my 06-Sep-20 BLOG post. Thanks a lot in advance, very much appreciated 🙂.

In the mindset of - being open for new stuff and influences, never giving up learning - some interesting material I found today:

P.S.: As I am a strong believer of going back to the original source of an information, a quick comment to my BLOG post from 08-Apr-20. I shared an infographic about The 100 Most Spoken Languages Around the World. The original source can be found here: https://word.tips/100-most-spoken-languages/  👍