13. Sep, 2020

The week 37-2020 highlights ...

On the left side the result of one week collecting locations for my global membership/BLOG-reader map. Two readers did share their location - THANK YOU - and I did add mine and the one of my mother. So we have two countries in Europe covered, but I think there are many more and even beyond Europe should be regular readers? Don't be shy and let me know where you are located, would be really great and very much appreciated 👍👍.

I did share my Booster Certificate from the Friday post also on LinkedIn at the same day. 958 views so far, what is really surprising as I do not get the same interest for other posts I am sharing there. Certificates seem to be a special area of interest, I wonder why? As long as you are not proofing the content you learned during your training in your daily work, it is just a piece of paper or a picture? What do you think?

Yesterday evening I have seen a report about the school of the future, with a comparison of the systems in Singapore (2) and Finland (~9), number in brackets is the OECD PISA ranking from 2018,    https://www.oecd.org/pisa/PISA%202018%20Insights%20and%20Interpretations%20FINAL%20PDF.pdf 

Both countries have below 6 million inhabitants, but a very different approach to convey knowledge in schools. Singapore is a high pressure system with very long school days and nearly no free time for the students. Finland is the opposite with only 4 - 6 hours school per day and a lot of additional learning experience during leasure time. They are basically learning - not for their school, but for their life - very hands-on and practical. For me personally the much better system for kids and the total results are not so much off. More material that was mentioned during the report:

Looking forward to the coming week with two workshops and one webinar around Agile Leadership and Change Management. Will be fun.

“Time is the wrong metric to use when we evaluate work. Because it’s not just about how much time you work, it’s about how effectively you use that time.” ― Aubrey Marcus,    https://www.aubreymarcus.com/pages/about