14. Sep, 2020

Culture Code ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/illustrations/pyramid-egypt-pyramids-desert-5068235/ 

"Culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing." -- The HubSpot Culture Code,      https://network.hubspot.com/culture-code/, a 128 pages slide deck full of great information and thoughts. Worth reading and reusing, this material made my day today 😀👍.

My 1st workshop of the Startup-Week in Duesseldorf https://startupwoche-dus.de/en/ was today about Agile Leadership:

  • Presented by the MAERA GmbH from Cologne, https://maera.de/ (only in German)
  • Good coverage of the Agile Mindset - Commitment, Focus, Courage, Openness and Respect
  • Agile Leadership: Manager versus Leader, Servant Leadership
  • Agile Ways-of-Working: Adapt & Inspect, run several iterations
  • The learning organization: Try & Learn in e.g. regular retrospectives
  • Besides content we did learn something about useful tools and how to run these kind of workshops remotely:

In summary a great learning experience, thanks to Monique and Christian for being our host 👍.

P.S.:  Want to improve my global membership/BLOG-reader map? See my 06-Sep-20 post how to participate in sharing your city and country. Thanks a lot in advance 😉.