15. Sep, 2020

Agile Change Management ...

Celebrating the addition of another Continent to my global membership/BLOG-reader map, thanks to a nice person in Agar, India for being my reader and volunteering to share city and location, very much appreciated. There are more cities, countries and continents to go 😉.

The Agile Change Management workshop today was hosted by Oliver Wuentsch | Agile Coach from redplane in Duesseldorf,  https://www.agilecoach.redplane.de/agilelandingpage (only in German). A quick summary of the key topics below:

Thanks Oliver for being a perfect host, bringing interesting people together for a great topic 👍.

"Bigger does not mean better. But better is how we get bigger." - Simon Sinek,    https://www.toolshero.com/toolsheroes/simon-sinek/ 

TED Playlist: Talks to form better habits    https://www.ted.com/playlists/321/talks_to_form_better_habits