18. Sep, 2020

Podcasts around Agile topics ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/photos/podcast-headset-microphone-wave-4205874/ 

As mentioned earlier, I am now working on the 2nd level of my qualification - Qualified Agility & Innovation Advancer (QAIA)https://shiftup.work/qualification/, I am already 93% done in the meantime and did listen to a lot of different podcasts in the last week. All related to topics around Agile. If you are interested, some examples below:

There are many more, just one example where to look:

Quick update to my global membership/BLOG-reader map. Today I did add another continent to the map, as a voluteer in San Ramon, Californa, USA did add the location to the map. Thanks a lot for that, very much appreciated 👍👍. If you are intersted to appear on the map as well, see my 06-Sep-20 post how to participate in sharing your city and country. Thanks a lot in advance 🙂🙃.

“Your podcast content should not be about you, but about solving your prospects’ problems.” --  Steve Lubetkinhttps://lubetkin.net/about-2/steve-lubetkin-managing-partner/