24. Sep, 2020

Accountable Leaders ...

Picture taken from The New Rules of Leadership: 5 Forces Shaping Expectations of CEOs Infographic,  https://www.visualcapitalist.com/the-new-rules-of-leadership-5-forces-shaping-expectations-of-ceos/ based on The Leadership Contract from Vince Molinarohttps://www.drvincemolinaro.com/ 

A lot of good content in one Infographic, worth checking the details.

Busy times in the moment 😉 and less than 10k readers to go, until we reach the next big milestone, #400k overall readers for my BLOG. Still unbelievable, but with more than 6k readers per week in the last two weeks, we are getting there in big steps. Just 2 weeks to go I assume in the moment. 6k readers per week, but only 9 entries on my global membership/BLOG-reader map so far 🤔, what can I say voluntary is voluntary. Necessary instructions how to join the map are available via the "Shared Links" button on the main menu.

As planned I did finish the Qualified Agility & Innovation Advancer level today,  https://shiftup.work/qualification/. Will share the certificate when I have it. The 1st level certificate did have ~1,800 views on LinkedIn in the meantime, really surprising but good to get in contact with former colleagues.

At work we had a discussion about proceeding with our bi-weekly BREAK meeting after the latest reorganization. Despite some arguments to stop it, we decided to go on and even extend the audience to the whole OneTeam community and to invite our Indian colleagues as well. The 1st meeting was yesterday with 90+ participants taking a break, sharing ideas and having fun for 45 minutes, a great success 👍. If this will be sustainable we see in two weeks from now. We covered a lot of different topics --- more to come after a break 🙃 ...

10:15 PM CEST now, just back from the table-tennis training. Always good to get some exercise, when you are sitting the most time at your desk during home-office times. The company just extended the possibility to do 100% home-office until 31-Mar-2021.

Bad habits at home was one of the topics during our BREAK session yesterday. The majority was seeing advantages - more time with the family, less time for commute, opportunities for multi-tasking (e.g. ironing, dish-washing, cooking, cleaning up during online meetings they are mainly listening to), gardening on the balcony, pottery, Yoga, etc. We even covered the mindfulness https://mindfulnessexercises.com/ topic and plan to invite a mindfulness coach to one of our future sessions. Looking forward to the next BREAK ...

"When I had a fellowship at the Smithsonian, I asked for a couch in the office because I liked to lie down and take a break." — Gloria Steinem, http://www.gloriasteinem.com/