4. Oct, 2020

The week 40-2020 summary ...

Picture provided by https://www.idlehearts.com/ with a quote from John C. Maxwellhttps://www.johnmaxwell.com/start-your-journey/ 

I can fully support the statement on the left from my personal experience. With 18 years in global management positions for mainly virtual teams, you see a lot of times the reaction of people towards yourself that is purely driven by your position in the organization chart. Position comes with a package of responsibilities and work to be done that has nothing to do with your influence or acceptance in your team.

Influence is something different that you have to earn over time, by being a role model and leading by example. It has to do with trust and respect, being available when you are needed and standing in front of your team during escalations. 

Even without a highlighted position in the organization chart, you can have influence on people and different teams. As a mentor, coach, communication partner or just person who colleagues are going to, to ask for a different opinion, advice or some supporting arguments. Very well describes my current role, is even more fun than having an official title 😉.

Target for my next week is to finish the SAFe for Teams https://www.scaledagile.com/certification/courses/safe-for-teams/ learning process and to pass the certification at the end. As long as the learning from the training this week is still fresh, it will be easier to be successful.

Just 2,033 readers to go, to reach the next big milestone at #400,000 overall readers of my BLOG. Should be happening sometime early next week. Adding another 100k users in less than 5 month, what a great achievement. Interested to win the #400,000 overall reader price? You are welcome to join the competition. Please email your screenshot showing the counter to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com. Thanks 🙃 ...

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