9. Oct, 2020

Best-Self Management ...

Picture taken from the David Hassell - Co-Founder & CEO, @15Five - article at https://medium.com/@dhassell/best-self-management-dont-manage-employee-performance-unlock-their-potential-38494888c526 

Today I decided to not do the SAFe for Teams exam again. The certificate has to be renewed every year, so it is better to focus on something more long-term. My Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualification https://shiftup.work/qualification/ is a much better choice. A very broad insight into the topic with a lot of different sources and ways to offer the information. I am now working on the Professional (QAIP) level, still 77% to go.

Highlight of the day was the Best-Self Management article with a lot of interesting references and a great combination of well known theories and models. The magic is to combine existing knowledge, come up with something new and proof in reality that it is really working, like 15Five https://www.15five.com/ is doing it 👍. It is a long read, but worth spending the time.

Another finding was Craig W. Ross and his Do Big Things book,      https://www.verusglobal.com/craigross/  and an overview picture at    https://www.verusglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/Do-Big-Things-Book-Framework-Downloadable-Version.pdf 

Finally I listened to a podcast with Doug Fitzpatrick about self-managed organizations.

“Mission Focused Self-Management is simple: Our personal commercial missions drive our colleagues’ activities and coordination with an internal and external customer focus.
Our relationships are based on Human Respect.” — Chris Rufer,  https://youtu.be/n4vvlL2cGXo