29. Oct, 2020

The Art of Leadersheep ...

Picture provided by it-agile GmbH, get the poster at      https://www.itagileshop.de/inspirieren/poster/leadersheep-poster/ 

More insights into the details are provided by Arne Roock - The Art of Leadersheep, see https://vimeo.com/53575127, have fun 🤔😀👍. 

As the PI planning is ongoing until Friday and I do not have an active role there, I use the free time to finish the preparation for the Agile Leadership 🤭 workshop on 05-Nov-20. Making good progress and looking forward to the reaction of the participants.

This morning I had another Shiftup webinar about Transformation - continuous transformation; systems thinking. The slidedeck will be availabe shortly on        https://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?searchfrom=header&q=shiftup. Key take aways below:

  • Product Management is comparable to Change Management (just for a different kind of stakeholders)
  • Means you can use the Innovation Vortex also for Change Management,      https://shiftup.work/innovation-vortex/
  • Behavior is a function of the Person and the Environment --> B = f(P,E)
  • Don't change the person, change the environment
  • ... much more in the slidedeck shortly ...

Some more or less related material to the topic of today: