1. Nov, 2020

The week 44-2020 summary

Picture provided by https://www.leadershipfirst.net/ on LinkedIn featuring Robyn Benincasa https://robynbenincasa.com/ 

Today I switched to the November page in our family calendar and did see the 200k picture from last year. On 07-Nov-19 we passed the #200k overall reader milestone, today less than a year later we are close to #419k already, a really great achievement to start the weekly summary 😉.

My SHIFTUP Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional https://shiftup.work/qualification/ program is making good progress, already 42% done of the 3rd level. Tomorrow morning I will have a 1st discussion about a 9 month Coaching advanced training, might be a good further learning for me? To be verified...

It would definitely work well with the upcoming Agile Leadership workshop in the office that I will be hosting together with a colleague this week Thursday. One of the ideas is that current line managers could be working as Mentor or Coach in the future, to support their self-responsible teams. Looking forward to the workshop, will be a great experience 👍

Hope your first November week is not too grey, wet and foggy: 

“Courage starts when the fun stops” — Robyn Benincasahttps://robynbenincasa.com/meet-robyn-benincasa/