13. Nov, 2020

Some Learning ideas ...

Picture provided by Marie Walti on LinkedIn,  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marie-walti/ 

Sharing some interesting material today, maybe you can use it as trigger for some learning experience. I did 😉:

In our weekly Active Player Meetup of the SHIFTUP Qualified Agility & Innovation Professionalhttps://shiftup.work/qualification/, the topic Low Touch Economy came up. "The term Low Touch Economy refers to the way businesses across the globe have been forced to operate in order to succeed as a result of Covid-19." More details and a +100 page report to download are available at https://www.boardofinnovation.com/low-touch-economy/, check it out 👍.

During my preparation for the BarCamp next Friday and the topic I will cover - Agile Leadership - I did check out the presentation from Dr. Marcus Raitner for our IT Senior Management team last week. Really great work that he is doing around the Manifesto for Human(e) Leadershiphttps://fuehrung-erfahren.de/en/2018/02/manifesto-human-leadership/. I like the Human Leadership Manifesto Sketch Note a lot, all content summarized in a single picture, see https://fuehrung-erfahren.de/en/human-leadership-manifesto-sketch-note/, worth checking 👍😎🤔!!

“YESTERDAY I WAS CLEVER, SO I CHANGED THE WORLD. TODAY I AM WISE, SO I AM CHANGING MYSELF.” –RUMI,      https://www.famousauthors.org/rumihttps://learninginbloom.com/learning-quotes/