18. Nov, 2020

Octagon + Analysis = Octalysis

Picture taken from Yu-kai Chou website

In the Jurgen Appelo webinar "PDM Update 2: Product types; delivery models; design frameworks" from today, the Octalysis Gamification framework was mentioned. Some more details here.

"... the Gamification Framework called Octalysis, designed as an octagon shape with 8 Core Drives representing each side. With many years of trials and adjustments, I believe that, besides a ninth hidden Core Drive called “Sensation,” everything you do is based on one or more of the 8 Core Drives."

See also the Octalysis Group and the Octalysis Tool, to get deeper into the topic.

“people do not take actions that are necessarily the most economical, but actions that make them feel the smartest.” ― Yu-kai Chou, Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards