22. Nov, 2020

My week 47-2020 highlights ...

Picture by The Female Lead on LinkedIn with a quote from Alexander Den Heijer

The picture is a perfect fit to the key statement of my Agile Leadership Workshop that I took from Jurgen Appelo - Manage the system and lead the people. The analogy he is using - Managers should become more like gardeners in the future 👍. One blade of grass does not grow faster if you pull on it, so let the plants alone and just take care that the environment is supportive 😉.

Like one guy in the Open Space on Friday mentioned - "from my last 20 years in software development I can say that we reached the best results, when the managers stayed out of the work environment" --> don't pull the grass.

Next week will be really interesting. Besides the USP workshop on Wednesday I will be doing a lot of networking meetings, connecting the Senior Management team with different people from the OneTeam organization. Always a great experience to have some really personal interaction and find some commonalities between the participants. 

Enjoy your week and have some productive time for yourself 😎.

Just less than 11,111 readers to go to reach the next overall reader milestone at #444,444. Should be happening in the next 2 - 3 weeks, looking forward to it.

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