27. Nov, 2020

Master Polarizing Times ...

Picture by Pixabay

... was the topic of the Future of Leadership Salon 2020 yesterday evening. In a 2 hour ZOOM session with 20 participants, we did discuss the topic of all the different polarities we are facing this year, accompanied by an Online wine tasting experience hosted by WYNE, a new startup in this area and market. A rose, white and red wine had really been helpful 🤔 for an interesting interaction with an international audience.

Some of the polarities covered yesterday:

  • New normal and new work versus old normal and old work
  • Technology versus Human
  • Local versus Global and central versus decentral
  • Comfort zone versus risk taking
  • Judgement versus experimentation
  • Personal life versus business life in the homeoffice and video conferences
  • Video On or Off, Makeup On or Off, Business dress versus casual styles
  • What is urgent versus what is important?
  • Decision taking from the board room to the bed room 😉
  • Love versus fear

... and many more. I am pretty sure everybody can relate to this list and has even more to add?

As New Work in general and, what happens with the current Homeoffice setup after the pandemic are topics of great interest, some more references below:

  • McKinsey & Company collection of the Future of Work
  • 21 Work From Home Pros and Cons – The Surprising Truth Behind Remote Work 
  • Future Candy REPORT NEW WORK CULTURE (free download, only in Germany 🤔, sorry)

"One of the reasons that we can potentially work more effectively from a home-office is that we have the opportunity to be able to focus our thoughts and our attentions." -- Aarron Dann