6. Dec, 2020

My week 49-2020 highlights ...

This package arrived yesterday as preparation for our company Christmas party on 17-Dec-20. The card told us to stop digging deeper as the presents will be a surprise for the online event. Looking forward to it, as our event team always has good ideas prepared.

Today morning I had a phone call with my mother and we once again discussed the readers of my BLOG and where the are located. Just as a REMINDER - Instructions how to extend my global membership/BLOG-reader map are now available via the "Shared Links" button on the main menu. Thanks for your participation in advance 👍, I would be happy ...  

When I mentioned that we are close to reaching the next big milestone at #444,444 overall readers, just 585 to go, she wanted somebody else to win the price 😎. You are welcome to join this competition. Please email your screenshot showing my BLOG counter at 444,444 or higher to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com. Thanks

The Shiftup qualification program is making good progress, I am already at 63% done. Starting next week the current temporary environment will be migrated to the future home, Mindsettlers. This is the first step to become a self-paced and gamified qualification platform that should be available for all training providers in early 2021. It will be interesting to see for the Active Players, who did use the current setup for several month now, to become part of a really professional environment shortly 👍.

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"If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself." -- Paulo Coelho