13. Dec, 2020

The week 50-2020 summary ...

Thanks to The Female Lead to share this great illustration of Marcela Ilustra on LinkedIn

Great start into the last week with passing the #444,444 overall reader milestone, we are close to 448k in the meantime 🙂👍.

Then the two day workshop with the senior management team around engagement, trust, collaboration, and being a role model for change. Finally my USP workshop with the technical expert team that also somehow covered self-esteem, as mentioned on the picture on the left.

Next week is the last week before my 3 weeks Christmas holidays 🤩. As always packed with a lot of activities that still have to happen. Tomorrow I welcome a new Intern, on Tuesday the 2nd PI Planning is scheduled and on Thursday the company Online Christmas party to close the business tasks for this year. One of my new assignments is to think about a new communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders. First idea is to combine well known - good practice processes/approaches with sharing information in a new format, maybe a BLOG-style.

You could for example us Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats Technique to share information and different perspectives about the status and progress of projects? I will look closer into possibilities there.

  • Six Thinking Hats, The de Bono Group
  • Using Storyboarding and de Bono's Six Thinking Hats 

Just today the government decided a hard lockdown, Germany wide starting on Wednesday 16-Dec-20 for 4 weeks. Will have major impact on the remaining Christmas shopping and the celebration starting on the 24th. And it is already clear that there will be no New Year's eve fireworks to finish 2020. Something what had been discussed for different reasons in the past (use the invested money for charity, help to reduce CO2 emissions, etc.), now it is reality by government directive.

Have a great next week - #StayHome to stay Safe and Healthy

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