20. Dec, 2020

My week 51-2020 highlights ...

Quote by Sachin Bansal

Finally holidays, back to work on 11-Jan-21. One week later I will be starting a new project as Scrum Master. So one of my holiday assignments is to get a Scrum Master certificate. Always good to have something on paper and to confirm, what you seem to know anyway.

"Age doesn't matter if you have the attitude and the drive to succeed" 🤔

My youngest daughter will write her last school exam for this year tomorrow, even when the schools are closed since Friday. Afterwards we can start the recommended 5 - 7 days COVID-19 quarantine, to see my parents and her grand parents on the 28th. Due to the new guidelines the whole family (I have 2 sisters) cannot celebrate Christmas together on the same day anyway.

Will be a much more quiet Christmas compared to previous years, maybe a good step in the right direction for future celebrations. Do not waste any good crisis 👍😉. And as we are just discussion changes, what about the every year new year resolutions?

As most of the people forget about it during the 1st month of the new year anyway, just take lifelong learning, this wil cover everything - the good and the bad stuff. Be creative ...

"Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed." -- Cavett Robert