24. Dec, 2020

Happy Holidays ...

First a quick reminder about my 19-Dec-20 post featuring the "Last Christmas" song and collection of videos, today it fits even better 🤩👍. In the meantime the WDR2 video is also available on Youtube.

I wish your, your family and friends HAPPY, SAFE and HEALTHY HOLIDAYS. Have some great days off, even when the  circumstances could be better. In the end it will be you making the difference and the best out of it.

Found something useful that could potentially help even during the holidays - The Manifesto for Slow Thinking in Projects - check it out, is available in several languages

Besides that I will be enjoying the days off with the family and have some nice dinners.

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P.S.: One of the event locations in Duesseldorf, the Tonhalle, did also collect several videos with Christmas songs and combined it into a virtual digital CHOIR with 400 participants. The video will be shown at 03.00 PM CET today for the 1st time, see the video.