27. Dec, 2020

The week 52-2020 summary ...

Great sketch by @crazyheadcomic

Finishing up 2020, only 4 days to go.

Today we have seen the 1959 Ben Hur  version on TV, once again impressive but long 😉. And there is still the rumor about Heston wearing a wrist watch during the chariot race. No final clarification so far.

The 2020 World Darts Championship Day Ten started today with round 3 and the NFL-Playoffs are close. Busy action on TV besides all the other great movies that are shown as well during the holiday season. A little bit battling with my ladies, what should be seen 😉.

With respect to the next really big milestone of #500k overall readers, there are only 45k to go. In line with the last 5 week average of weekly readers, it should take another 10 weeks, what would be early Mar-21. Looking forward to it 👍.

Tomorrow we will visit my parents after the appropriate quarantine period. A little late Christmas party, nothing special anymore in 2020, we got used to many changes this year.

Some interesting links below, for the rest of 2020:

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"We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity." -- Barbara De Angelis