30. Dec, 2020

One day to go ...

Good quote from Karen Lamb at the end of 2020 and close to the new year 2021 ...

Best wishes to you, your family, friends and colleagues for a different 2021. No guarantee that it will be better, but it will definitely be a different kind of year, when all the cons-COVID-19 activities will be successful in the end.

"Instead of expending energy to fit into the group, it’s better to expend energy to find the group in which we fit." -- Simon Sinek

Below a collection of end-of-the-year helpful links 😉, have fun checking it out:

  • To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others (Dean Furness)
  • Top 10 Sketchnoting Videos of 2020
  • Boston Dynamics video from yesterday: Do You Love Me?

P.S.: This week I will be finishing the 3rd eBook with all my 2020 BLOG posts. If you are interested in a copy as PDF file, please let me know via rethinkandfocus@gmail.com. I will be sharing a link to the Google Drive folder with you 🤔.