31. Dec, 2020

Going positive into 2021 ...

I assume the picture is coming from Bright Vibes Design, but I am not sure. Could also be BrightVibes.com, who knows 🙂.

No doubt that the COVID-19 situation is really bad for most of the countries, a lot of regions, cities and families, especially when it becomes personal and is not only a number in the daily statistics update anymore. And as always, in some years we will only remember the good times during all the bad month, so why not start now and use it as additional motivation for the new and different 2021?

Good 2020 experiences and memories was the topic on the radio today, let's think about it 👍.

The most obvious and current is the NO New Year's eve fireworks rule in Germany. It saves 130+ Million EURO, a lot of unnecessary CO2 emission, endless tons of waste, damaged houses and cars plus injured people, who still do not listen to the general usage advice.

For the people in the homeoffice NO commute means less CO2 emission as well, plus additional time for useful or less useful activities and tasks. In my company we are all in the homeoffice since March 2020 and I see a lot of positive changes:

  • People are treated more equal, as they are all facing similar challenges and nobody has the benefit of being in the office anymore
  • Location does not really matter any longer, people can work from everywhere
  • Technology (power, internet connection, laptop, etc.) has a higher priority, but people get smarter and proactive to overcome any kind of issues, as individual or as team
  • The business and private life comes closer together or gets somehow mixed up in a lot of areas, with a positive outcome for the team spirit. We get much more insights into the homes of the colleagues, learn about their family situation, have kids in some calls and become more open for cultural differences. All changes to the positive ...
  • People are more willing to help each other and share experiences, whether positive or negative
  • Any kind of learning opportunity/experience is very much appreciated and people are really flexible and willing to learn new topics and content
  • Overall velocity, performance and productivity did improve a lot, what was really valued by the company
  • Last but not least the OneTeam spirit and mindset became reality faster than expected and is on a good track for 2021 now

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to add, BUT you should start your own list 🤩🤔👍.

"Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going." -- Sam Levenson

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Wish you all a happy, different, interesting, safe and healthy 2021 !!