8. Jan, 2021

Leadership help ...

Picture provided by CENTER FOR CREATIVE LEADERSHIP whitepaper, see page 7 onwards really interesting material

In the last two days I had some more time for my SHIFTUP qualification program and could close down several of the 59 different topics, reached 74% done in the meantime.

So besides the well known Agile project management / Scrum Guide and the "Beyond Budgeting" approach from yesterday, I found the GIST framework (well aligned with OKR's) to avoid using product roadmaps and a good article about Agile Risk Management. So we are getting closer to a full AGILE end-to-end process 😉👍.

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  • Starting nexyt week Monday: CES® 2021

“The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.” -- Simon Sinek