10. Jan, 2021

The week 01-2021 highlights ...

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A good last holiday week with a successful Scrum Master certification and an increasing number of weekly readers after a two weeks low, due to the holiday period. My readers deserve their time off as well, no doubt.

The back to work commute will be easy tomorrow, as my home office period proceeds, due to the strong lockdown in Germany until end of Jan-21. Schools are closed as well and the kids will have online classes. Luckily this is the second time now, so it should be running even smoother than the first time. We will see. The school did send a one pager with rules of behavior for the kids - e.g. camera on, proper dresses, acceptable backgrounds, no video recording of the lessons, no sharing of data via Whatsapp, etc. Everything to protect personal data and keep the sessions confidential, might sound a little bit too much for some people, but is definitely in the interest of the teachers. Not everybody is perfect in the new digital world, so everyone should be a little more considerate and behave appropriately 😉. Does not hurt ...

Just as a REMINDER - Instructions how to extend my global membership/BLOG-reader map are now available via the "Shared Links" button on the main menu. Thanks for your participation in advance 😉, I would be happy. Just lately I did get a new addition from France, so we are covering another European country now, very much appreciated 👍.

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"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." - Unknown Author