20. Jan, 2021

The year of contrasts ...

Another great Grant Snider picture for INCIDENTAL COMICS

This post is for two of my colleagues, who are really fighting hard to properly balance childcare and a full time job. A mother with two ill kids (gastrointestinal problems since the weekend) not getting a lot of sleep in the moment, and a father with a 3 year old son at home as the kindergarten visit is not allowed with cold and cough these days. My deepest respect for handling this double load, still delivering good work and keeping a positive mood 👍👍👍!!

In contrast to this the current hype around Clubhouse. The voice chat-based social media app is still in BETA, you need an invitation to get in, and it is just on top of all the social media pressure people are feeling already. Besides their 9-5 job in the Home Office with Teams or Zoom calls. Sounds like the opposite of Digital Detox for me 🤩.

I got positive feedback about the Change as a Product video from yesterday, worth checking 😎.

Another Simon Sinek quote that perfectly fits to the two colleague examples I shared above. "When leaders are willing to prioritize trust over performance, performance almost always follows."

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