31. Jan, 2021

My week 04-2021 summary ...

Picture taken from Marc Habenicht article: My idea how to support a healthy email and meeting culture

This article was part of my SHIFTUP qualification program work that I did today. Just 16% to go to finish the Professional (QAIP) level. At the end it is becoming more difficult as in some categories there is no content yet. A self-paced training with self-responsibility to provide sufficient content. A really high level of co-determination👍.

Quick reminder about my MENTI survey, please use this direct link to access the two simple questions. Thanks a lot in advance, will be really helpful for me.

Last week I agreed some new workshops with the Women-4-Women network. Another Unique Selling Point (USP) workshop for the women working half-time or who could not participate the last time. Four weeks later we are planning a workshop around Elevator Pitch. As this workshop will require some preparation and home-work for the participants, we have to give time in between the workshops. Looking foward to this one, as it is a good opportunity to show the learnings from the USP workshop.

In the coming week we will welcome a new Intern starting tomorrow and I am looking forward to a Brown Bag session on Friday, this time the topic is Agile Leadership. Will be interesting to discuss the topic with a very technical development team. I am curious ... 🤔

Only one week to go until the next Super Bowl, will be fun. Besides that have a great relaxing and surprising week 05-2021.

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