2. Feb, 2021

Sense making Part II

Simple, but remarkable picture by Liz & Mollie, for more pictures and content, see their homepage

First my deepest appreciation for the two readers who did participate in my MENTI survey!! They did provide some ideas for future BLOG topics and shared their opinion about the value they get ­čĹŹ.  Would be great to see you participate as well, use the direct link, available for another 3 days ­čśë. 

The Liz & Mollie picture on the left is definitely the request to think positive and to avoid too short-term reflections. I found a related story that some readers might see as a too macabre example, but make your own judgement:  

  • Capt. Tom Moore, 'hero' UK veteran who raised millions by walking in his garden, dies at 100 - Moore has raised more than $40 million in donations from around the world for  Britain's NHS (National Health Service) health workers fighting COVID-19 - he died after testing positive for COVID-19. What a positive thinker and success story during 100 years ...

My personal mindset is also to look for longterm investments / success stories and to avoid getting frustrated by any shortterm distraction or setback. Easier said than done, but a positive way of thinking. See 175 Positive Thinking Quotes ...

“POSITIVE: The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” -- Winston Churchill

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