3. Feb, 2021

What is next after VUCA?

Picture provided by - STRATEGY IN A VUCA WORLD – THE END OF AN ERA - an article from Rodrigo Bastos|July 3, 2017

"Each day that passes, the world becomes more VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and this impacts directly the way that we think and act strategically. Good old strategic planning has little use in the VUCA world." -- a quote from the article that seems to be obsolete 3.5 years later?

Today I found an article from Stephan Grabmeier - BANI versus VUCA: a new acronym to describe the world --> "... we no longer can derive useful information from this model. Instead, we seem to face chaos larger than VUCA – in politics, global warming and the current pandemic, any many other spheres of life. For future purposes, I therefore would like to propose that we apply the BANI acronym instead of VUCA. The meaning of each component of this new word – B:rittle, A:nxious, N:on-linear and I:ncomprehensible – makes much more sense in the face of today’s challenges.

Besides a lot more details the article also offers a great Infograhic summarizing the main ideas. One supporting source is - Facing the Age of Chaos - worth checking. Most people are still explaining the current issues and digital transformation constraints with the VUCA world - BANI is already on step further and 20 years ahead of VUCA!!

"Diversity instead of Simple-mindedness shapes the new working world and management culture." -- Stephan Grabmeier

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