5. Feb, 2021

Agile Booster ...

Picture by Pixabay

Definition of booster: The first stage of a multistage rocket providing thrust for the launching and the initial part of the flight, this definition from the dictionary was the best fit in my mind 🙂.

Booster was the name of the 1st level certificate of my SHIFTUP qualification  program and the starting level training of our Agile transformation journey at work today. During the training session today The Upstalsboom Story was referenced - "The film documents the efforts of a German hotel chain to transform its corporate culture following an employee survey that revealed extremely high levels of dissatisfaction." I did also find a related interview on LinkedIn in two parts. Interesting material to review 👍.

This story fits well to the topics mentioned on the MENTI survey result from yesterday (purpose, mindset, collaboration) and surprisingly to the Notes to inspire from Simon Sinek I got today:

"A team is a group of people that works together with common purpose, not just a group of people assigned to work on the same project."

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