6. Feb, 2021

1 day to go for Super Bowl LV

Picture taken from Forbes article - Super Bowl LV: Tom Brady Just Beat Patrick Mahomes On This Key Stat

Looking forward to tomorrow night and if the GOAT can win another ring? Preparation is in full swing and some Super Bowl Commercials 2021 are available for review already 😎.

Did do some work on my SHIFTUP qualification today, but some topics are really hard to digest, especially when the presentation is not meeting the customer expectation. I had Systems Thinking, Product Backlog, Cost of Delay and a Personal Knowledge Management System (PKMS) today. PKMS was the best and most hands-on part. Simple explanation and easy to reuse 👍.

Still 5 days to go to be part of my MENTI survey by using this direct link, check it out. Thank you in advance for sharing your opinion!! 

"Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you" -- Joubert Botha