9. Feb, 2021

About personal development ...

Picture provided by European Leadership on LinkedIn

I had the first USP workshop today and it was very well received by the audience. We had some good discussion and a lot of positive feedback. The whole workshop is around personal development - WHY a change is necessary, HOW to get clarity about your status quo and the target scenario and WHAT to do to get there - The Golden Circle for individuals 🤔.

The next workshop is tomorrow with our international audience during the OneTeam break. Will be fun as well and is always a great experience to share some knowledge and initiate a thinking and learning process in teams 👍. 

Another discussion today was around becoming a role model for personal change. A small dedicated team wants to support our new mindset and culture transformation by being a good example. You can basically take two approaches - agree the required steps in detail and communicate to a broader audience, or just do it and see if and how people are realizing a personal change you are making. We decided for the 2nd option, will be much more "silent", but maybe better in the final result and for a broader acceptance in the whole OneTeam. 

In order to become a real role model you need two sides, one leading by example and the other one realizing the change and appreciating it, maybe as trigger for a personal adjustment? 

"Don't Be Afraid To Start Over. This time you're not starting from scratch; you're starting from experience." -- TheMindsJournal

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