21. Feb, 2021

The week 07-2021 highlights ...

Words and Pictures by Grant Snider for INCIDENTAL COMICS

10 days ago the picture would have been valid around here, as it was cold and we even had some snow outside. Today was an early Spring Time day with +18 degrees celsius, so 20+ degrees difference. Next week we will get some Sahara sand on top of the temperature, crazy weather this time of the year.

We will have some slight relief of the COVID-19 lockdown starting tomorrow, schools will open again and my youngest daughter is not really happy about it 😠. Too often the direction is changing and no longer-term planning is possible. Yes we are all facing a pandemic for the first time during our life time, but a little bit more planning reliability could help to reduce the frustration of a lot of people.

On Tuesday I will do another USP (Unique Selling Point) workshop for the Women-for-Women network in my company, this time in the morning to offer an opportunity for all part-time workers to participate. Looking foward to the session, always fun to share some knowledge.

My SHIFTUP qualification is making good progress. Need to finish the last 16/59 categories to reach the Professional level. Some more weeks to go, as not all categories do have sufficient content yet, as the program is still in development phase 🤩.

"You will never start living until you've realized that your life is your own unique gift. So, live it uniquely in your own unique way, the way you were created to be; unique! Don't imitate someone else's life, you will only blend in, when you were created to stand out from the rest of the imitators. Live your life, your own way; your life was given to you, not to someone else." -- Geraldine Vermaak

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12,950 readers to go, we are getting closer 😀👍 ...