2. Mar, 2021

Happy birthday - The Mouse

Picture taken from the 50th anniversary preparation page

The Mouse is one of the most famous characters on German Kids TV. She will celebrate the 50th birthday next Sunday. Generations of kids, parents and grand parents are following the TV show every Sunday morning. To celebrate the Mouse appropriately, she will get a dedicated coin and stamp from the German Government. Even a new song has been recorded. Cool stuff, I am still a fan with age 58 😎🤩👍!!

Interested to do a Humor Typology Quiz? Try it out. My result was major Magnet style - Magnets keep things positive, warm, and uplifting, avoiding controversial or upsetting humor while radiating charisma.

I did record two videos today. One as example for an Elevator Pitch for my upcoming workshop end of March. The other one was an interview as New Joiner in the current organization, as preparation for an internal Career week, to attract new talents. A lot of fun, but also a little bit uncommon, to see yourself speaking in a video.

"If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative." -- Woody Allen, American - Director Born: December 1, 1935 

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