7. Mar, 2021

The week 09-2021 highlights ...

Picture taken from 1200 Motivational Quotes (Part 6)

I had two choices for a picture for today. One about purpose provided by Oxford  Leadership, and the one I selected as it had a better fit to the last week. For the upcoming Elevator Pitch workshop with the Women-4-Women (W4W) network I had to prepare a small homework. In order to avoid starting from scratch and to loose too much time, the ladies should be coming to the workshop with a first DRAFT idea, what they want to share with the audience.

Besides some supporting material and a step-by-step description of the homework, I provided an example video of myself doing an elevator pitch. Our CFO is also the patron of the W4W network and I just assumed to meet her in an elevator and to ask her for an one hour support of the workshop. To test some example pitches in a real-life environment with a senior level counterpart. Nothing, what will be possible short-term due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but definitely a longer-term goal for some of the future workshops.

We must get comfortable being uncomfortable to come to a better training effect. The organizer of the workshop was a little concerned when she had seen my video, but I was able to calm her down, just an example video for now 🤔.

Today was the 50th birthday of The Mouse, as already announced on 02-Mar-21. A lot of celebrations happening on radio and TV and Kids, Parents and Grand Parents sharing the laughing and factual stories they could remember from the last 50 years. Below just one example that my wife and I came up with independently, when we thought about the topic today:

  • WDR Papierboot (the story will also work, when you do not understand all words 😉)

In the weekly Sunday call with my mother we once again touched the topic of where are all my readers coming from? She is really interested in the topic 👍. So just in case you are willing to share your location on my "Global Reader Map" you can follow the Shared Links button on the main menu of the BLOG page and follow the instructions, pretty easy. Thanks a lot in advance, my mother and I will be very happy about your addition on the map 🤩😎👍.

Just another 5,372 readers to go to pass #500k overall readers, keep reading and watching the counter, to win a special price. 

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