9. Mar, 2021

Celebrate in silence ...

Picture provided by Pixabay

As part of celebrating the International Women's Day this week, we had a one hour event with our CFO today. During this session the Women-4-Women (W4W) network was featured with 4 of the key supporting women. How the network was initially founded, what has been accomplished so far, what are the current activities and future plans, were just some of the topics covered during the interviews.

My two USP (Unique Selling Point) and the planned Elevator Pitch workshop had been mentioned as well - my moment of silent celebration, enjoying the little things today. Even without stating my name it was a very special appreciation 👍🤔.

"Our greatest test may not come from the path we travel to success. Our greatest test is what we do with success once we find it." -- Simon Sinek, Notes to Inspire

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