19. Mar, 2021

Finishing some activities ...

A really nice picture and a very tasty way to celebrate the 500k milestone. Thanks a lot to my wife 😉👍.

"The primary ingredient for progress is optimism. The unwavering belief that something can be better is what drives the human race forward." -- Simon Sinek

A lot of stuff could be finished this week:

  • I finished my SHIFTUP qualification
  • I finally passed the #500k overall reader milestone
  • To finish the International Women Week celebration we had a keynote talk with Tijen Onaran, CEO, founder of Global Digital Women and Businesswoman. Really interesting insights and perspectives
  • And finally the last day of the Finance & Strategy Career week at work today. A lot of effort and great ideas spend to attract new talents

Enjoy your weekend and have a relaxing time, Spring time is coming:

  • TED Playlist: How can we fix the learning crisis?
  • Top Questions To Ask Employees During Performance Reviews
  • How a Teenager's Viral Post Points to a Huge Hiring Opportunity
  • International Day of Happiness – why workplace happiness is good for everyone