21. Mar, 2021

The week 11-2021 highlights ...

Picture taken from the WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY (WDSD) page

"The #LotsOfSocks campaign exists to raise awareness of Down syndrome. All you need to do is choose some socks that are going to get noticed. Get your friends, class mates and colleagues to join in too. -- The date for WDSD being the 21st day of the 3rd month, was selected to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome."

I heard about the WDSD watching The Mouse this morning, when they did show a song that 76 families did record with their Down syndrome kids - Niemals dran gezweifelt | DieMaus | WDR - really great spirit.

Great start of the week last Sunday, when my parents received their first COVID-19 vaccination. No issues so far and they are looking forward to the 2nd one 3 weeks later. Unbelievable that a well developed country like Germany with people who are known for being organized and well structured can create a chaos like this around the vaccination execution. Too much bureaucracy and too less involvement of experts along the end-to-end process. Our politicians will get the feedback of the German residents at the next federal election in Sep-21 🤔.

Besides that I finished my SHIFTUP qualification progam, the Diploma ceremony will be on Friday 26-Mar-21, and finally passed the 500,000 overall reader milestone. What a number, I still cannot really believe it 👍, thanks guys for making this happen. Then we had St. Patrick's Day, International Day of Happiness and the start of Spring time. Temperatures still tell differently, but we are getting there in the coming weeks 🤩.

Also next week will be my first Elevator Pitch workshop for the Women for Women network. Looking forward to a 90 minutes interesting learning experience with a lot of interaction and feedback sessions. Will keep you posted about the outcome.

"It's not the daughters' job to make their fathers aware that diversity is important. It is the job of men in positions of power to recognize that diversity is the engine of innovation." -- Tijen OnaranGDW Global Digital Women GmbH

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