23. Mar, 2021

Take it to the next level ...

Picture taken from the Martial Devotee Blog: Shu Ha Ri

"Shu Ha Ri is used to describe the progression of training or learning. It is a Japanese martial art concept that is used to describe the stages of learning to mastery. In recent years, it has been abstracted and applied to the cycle of learning in general." For more details see Shu Ha Ri: An Agile Adoption Pattern and Shu-Ha-Ri of Professional Coaching as two examples.

The SHIFTUP Qualified Agility & Innovation Professional qualification has two more levels after the Professional level that I reached last week. The Expert and Master level 😎. Perfect match to the Shu Ha Ri concept, during the 1st three levels we learned to follow the rules and to build our stable foundation. Now we will be breaking and making the rules on the way to MASTERY, makes a lot of sense 👍. Somewhere next week we will have a 1st meeting with Jurgen Appelo to discuss the way forward, as there is no content available yet for level 4 & 5.

I have already some ideas, what could make sense:

  • Improve existing or develop new content - VUCA becomes BANI, Agile 2 or the Manifesto for Human(e) Leadership - as iteration of the status quo
  • From Learning to Teaching - what kind of knowledge or expertise can the participants of the qualification share with their colleagues
  • Find new categories - e.g. interact with students for their Bachelor or Master Thesis; do interviews with experts, opinion leaders, people taking none-standard approaches and being successful, etc.
  • Combine different areas of expertise - Sketchnoting and content, Book summariesFuturists, etc.

"If you understand something well, you can represent it, describe it, embody it in several ways. Indeed, if you can only present it in one way, then your own mastery is likely to be tenuous." -- Howard Gardner, American - Psychologist Born: July 11, 1943

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