26. Mar, 2021

3rd level SHIFTUP certificate received today

Finally we had the SHIFTUP qualification  program certificate ceremony today. As always a combination of celebration and a fun game for team or community building purposes.

The game this time was Werewolf, you might know it as card game or a team building game that is played in a larger group F2F? Due to the ZOOM meeting we made it a facilitated online event. There are even online versions available. A similar game is Among Us, an online multiplayer game that was released in 2018 but gained a massive online following in 2020.

Next Wednesday we will have a 1st discussion with the inner circle (the early starters of the program) to discuss how we approach level 4 & 5 of the qualification program. Looking forward to it 🤩👍. And it will be interesting to see, how many views the Professional certificate will get on LinkedIn? The Booster level had 1,859 and the Advancer level 1,747 views so far. People seem to like certificates 😉.

Yesterday I hosted my 1st Elevator Pitch workshop for the Women for Women (W4W) network. We expected 20+ participants, but had six in the end. Nothing to worry about as it was a good opportunity to test the format in a smaller circle. Everybody could present a pitch and got feeback from the whole group. The ladies did appreciate the small format a lot and were very positive about the content and experience. A good start for future workshops, more to come.

"Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters."    -- Fat Amy, 33 Amazing ‘Pitch Perfect’ Quotes That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

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