3. Apr, 2021

Emotions ...

Picture taken from RISE UP FOR YOU doing an advertisement for an upcoming training

I covered some Kindness already yesterday ...

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Some more insights and details are available here:

  • The Theories of Emotional Intelligence  Explained
  • 15 Most Valuable Emotional Intelligence TED Talks on Youtube
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment (with a good overview picture)

For the confidence topic we can possibly use the latest Grant Snider INCIDENTAL COMICS Cornered? Make up your own opinion 😉.

Dr. Carol Dweck is the Growth Mindset expert. Some more helpful material below:

  • 25 Ways To Develop A Growth Mindset In Children
  • The Value Of A Growth Mindset, And How To Develop One
  • 15 Ways to Build a Growth Mindset

"So when it came to role models, I looked at presidents' wives. Of course, you're talking about a farm girl who stood in the fields, dreaming, years ago, wishing she was that kind of person. But if I had been that kind of person, do you think I could sing with the emotions I do? You sing with those emotions because you've had pain in your heart." -- Tina Turner,  American - Musician Born: November 26, 1939