7. Apr, 2021

Out of the box ...

Picture taken from Emily's Quotes your daily inspiration

“People believe thinking outside the box takes intelligence and creativity, but it’s mostly about independence. When you simply ignore the box and build your reasoning from scratch, whether you’re brilliant or not, you end up with a unique conclusion—one that may or may not fall within the box.” -- Tim Urban taken from My 25+ Favorite Think Outside the Box Quotes

Some more or less Out of the box topics, your choice:

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  • Outside the Box: Nick Seward’s Experimental 3D Printers Work Unlike Anything Else
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  • TED Playlist: Why you should take time to play
  • TED Playlist: Barbra Streisand: 8 must-see talks for women
  • 10 Things A Working Brain Needs To Build A Healthy, Successful Career
  • 8 Ways Companies Are Making Their Remote Candidate Experience Stand Out
  • Here’s What You Need to Know (and Ask) if Your Company’s Considering a Hybrid Work Setup
  • Lilium (out of the box flying vehicle)
  • Teal Organization: Do You Have What it Takes?

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