11. Apr, 2021

My week 14-2021 summary

Picture taken from Managing Diversity: The Why and How, more details about YRTHYA DINZEY-FLORES

Thanks a lot to the first individual giving feedback via my MENTI questionnaire from yesterday. Motivation, teambuilding and mentoring are the 1st three topic proposals, very much appreciated 😉👍.

Would be really great to get more feedback in the coming days. 1% of the weekly reader number means 85 participants. I do not want to be too optimistic, so I would be perfectly fine with 25 or more. If you are interested I see 4 options:

  1. Access the MENTI questionnaire directly via https://www.menti.com/27ksa3j43s or go to https://www.menti.com/ and use the voting code 3025 1732, your choice
  2. If you just want to join my global reader map, follow the instructions behind the Shared Links button on the main menu
  3. A feedback via MENTI and a new city/country on the global reader map would be perfect
  4. Doing nothing is also an option, as this is all voluntary and anonymous 🤔

As the diversity topic is all about different perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, upbringing, experiences, expertise and so many more - just two examples that came to my mind this morning when I was brushing my teeth:

  • The very special relationship of Prince Philip (RIP) and Queen Elizabeth II, and his way to act in public sometimes
  • Or in the mindset of Copy & Transfer writing a book in an agile way of working supported by a kind of crowdfunding initiative - as Jurgen Appelo is doing it currently with his Glitches of Gods novel

Going back to work tomorrow, still 100% home-office. As long as the larger companies are not taking care of a seamless COVID-19 testing and even ongoing vaccination at the work place, the situation will not really improve. The trust in the German Government capabilities and motivation to quickly solve the problem is not getting better. Too much election campaigning for Sep-21, too little problem-solving competence in the moment.

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